Cedar Torque TestersAir Tool & Impact Wrench Digital Torque Tester


Joint simulator thread size 5/16-18 included (10-24, 3/8-16 and M5, M6 and M10 threads sold separately).

DI-4B-25 Kit

Model DI-4B-25

  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Easy to read LED panel displays:
    torque value in lbf-in, kgf-cm and N-cm (selectable)
    number of blows for selected period (0.1 - 9.9 sec)
  • Peak, Real Time and Peak Down measuring mode (selectable)
  • Accuracy: 0.5% F.S. 1 LSD (32 to 100F)
  • Both clockwise and counterclockwise operation
  • USB Virtual COM port (peak data only)
  • Runs on internal NiCad batteries (8 hour use)
  • Soft joint, hard joint and AC adapter/charger included



DI-4B-25 fast response torque testers are perfectly suited for on-the-spot calibration of air tools and impact drivers, but will calibrate any type of manual wrenches as well.
This torque tester gives a digital readout of peak value in either direction and also indicate the number of blows for a selected time period.

This torque tester has an accuracy of 0.5%, 1 LSD, Peak, Real Time and Peak Down modes, and provides peak data for SPC (statistical process control) via the USB Virtual COM port.
Calibrate your own air tools and impact drivers and save down time.


Digital Torque Tester Ranges   Accuracy 0.5% F.S., 1 LSD      
Capacity (Resolution)