Motorized Peel Testers

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  • Modular systems allow quick recalibration
  • Capacities up to 110 lbf
  • ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab
  • Free NIST Certification with new systems!
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Peel testers use a motorized test stand, digital force gauge and peel fixture to apply tension to a safety seals, tapes and laminates.

The test stands combine screw drive and maintenance-free, brushless DC motors to provide extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.

Digital force gauges feature push button controls with selectable units and data output which can be analyzed with optional data acquisition software.

45, 90, 180, rotary and T-peel fixtures facilitate testing for a variety of applications.

Peel testing for adequate adhesion insures reliable performance, guarantees health and safety and protects against leaks and spoilage.

Peel Test Applications
45 Peel Tester 
90 Peel Tester 
IPT-200 Embossed Carrier Tape Peel Tester 

45 Peel

90 Peel

Embossed Carrier Tape Peel Tester

Up to 11 lbf
Up to 44 lbf
Up to 18 ozf


Other Peel Test Applications & Options
Rotary Peel Test T Peel Test
wire crimp data acquisition

Rotary Peel


Optional Data Acquisition